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CA23 UDD Silicon Glass to Glass Jointing Strip System

The traditional method of sealing glass to glass joints is by the use of a clear silicon mastic which involves a large amount of time, labour and safety issues as operatives have to gain access to the top and underside of glass panels to complete the works. It also involves considerable cleaning of the glass [...]

CA22 Frameless Style Canopy Fittings and Components

Frameless canopies offer a economical quick solution to areas over entrances and doorways which require canopy units. These can also be retro fitted to buildings which do not comply with current building regulations. Please contact our technical sales department for more information. Shown here are a range of standard fittings and components we offer. [...]

CA21 Canopy tie rod Connecting Plate

Where tie rods are fixed to the projecting arms of canopies for extra support we are able to provide connection plates in a huge variety of shapes and styles to ensure every detail of the canopy is in keeping with the theme of the main structure. Here a client had a very specific shape requirement [...]

CA20 Frameless Glass Canopies 3D Images

A 3D representational image of a glass frameless canopies held on rear stainless steel support pins and stainless steel front edge tension rod wires - for more details on if you can use a frameless canopy in your location or application please contact our technical sales department.

CA19 3D Shelter Images

As part of our ongoing development Urban Design are now able to offer 3d imaging on a range of products. For bespoke items this service is (due to the enormous demand experienced)available at a nominal extra charge based upon the complexity of the scheme, for more details please contact our technical sales team. The images [...]

CA18 Stainless Steel Cleaning and Care Issues

Many of the problems associated with stainless steel are caused by either none or limited maintenance or the wrong type of maintenance. Here are examples of a stainless steel canopy which has suffered from neglect and incorrect cleaning methods. It is important that cleaning instructions for all products are strictly adhered to in order to [...]

CA17 Fritted Glass

Here is an example of a fritted glass panel. To the glass sheet is applied a series of vinyl dots in a orderly pattern. The dots can vary in size and colour and when viewed from a distance give the appearance of a solid colour. This has the advantage of allowing natural light through the [...]

CA16 Exterior Base Plate Fixing

This is an example of a support column base plate which is seen and not buried beneath the surface finishes as with most base plates. In this instance dome headed fixings are used to give a more attractive finish to the fixings and the plate itself has corners smoothed off. A fully sealed waterproof mastic [...]

CA15 Sub Standard Glazing Work Examples

In our business we come across many standards of work and on numerous occasions we are asked by clients to correct, repair or make good works carried out by other specialist sub contractors. Unfortunately by choosing the cheapest option at sub contract stage the work does not always meet the exacting demands of today’s industry. [...]

CA14 Drainage Spigot

Where support columns are to be used as drainage outlets each column has a welded spigot pipe near to the base late as shown in the images. The position of the pipe varies depending if the client requires connection to the main drainage network system above or below ground level. Connection to the steel tube [...]

CA13 Bollard Capping

Stainless steel bollards are capped off with a pressed and rolled semi dome top to give a smooth effect at the head of the tube. Domes are securely fixed in place to ensure they cannot be removes. Bollards can be manufactured for root or surface fixing to your requirements, please contact our technical sales team [...]

CA12 Glass Fixings Technical Details

Urban Design produce their own glass to glass fixing brackets which are widely referred to in the industry as planar type fittings. We can produce in decorated mild steel or stainless steel and have the capacity to produce units in bespoke sizes in minimal amounts as all units are manufactured in our factory and not [...]

CA11 Canopy Damage

This section details why at Urban Design we choose to use only the best materials and manufacturing methods. Clients who have opted for cheaper style products and fixing methods from alternative sources, rather than using Urban Designs high quality schemes, are discovering increasing problems and issues with materials and workmanship. In the more serious cases [...]

CA10 Glass Support Brackets

To raise and support large glass panels from the main steelwork frame Urban Design have developed a range of laser profiled mild steel brackets which can be used on a combination of 2 or 4 point fixings. The plates are welded and decorated to match the steel frame to reduce the visual impact of the [...]

CA09 Base Plate Details

Column base strengthening as standard. It is important that any potential bending movement of support columns is prevented and Urban Design incorporate gusset plates fully welded to column base plates as seen in the images below. Base plates can be offset to bring columns tight to the building line or to bridge service ducts, contact [...]

CA08 Tube Connections

Urban Design believes the structural integrity and fine finishing of all components within their structures is of prime importance. Connection of horizontal tubes is a regular structural feature of our structures and one where clients normally ask for the minimum visible structural connection. By the use of welded spigot connectors as shown in the images [...]

CA07 Steel End Cappings

Urban Design believes the fine finishing of all components within their structures is of prime importance. Whilst many manufacturers simply cap off ends of steel sections with inferior rubber bungs and grommets we use only best practice methods and close all steel members using fully welded and fettled steel end caps as can be seen [...]

CA06 Glass Edge Protection

Even when rounded or polished the weakest part of all glass panels tend to be the exposed edges. It is important that during the design process that consideration as to how potential damage to the glazing can be caused and what can be done to prevent it. As part of our design specifications we regularly [...]

CA05 Polycarbonate Sheet Fixing

Most suppliers method of fixing polycarbonate is to simple fire inadequate fixings through the polycarbonate or PETG sheets directly into a steel frame. Urban Design are aware of the numerous maintenance and strength problems this causes for clients. Particularly those products suffering from the effects of wind flutter, a condition brought on by inadequate fixings [...]

CA04 Stub Brackets

Stub brackets are used to provide a stable fixing area for canopy arms from the steelwork in the main structure. They can be adapted to suit any length and any type of internal steel, I beams, Universal channels, box section beams etc. The stub is bolted to the internal steel and the face plate which [...]

CA03 Planar Support

The Main sub frame shown here as a CHS member has factory welded projecting, threaded receiving stubs. To the top of these stubs laser profiled brackets are bolted, the shape of the plate can vary depending on the amount of fixings received. The unit shown is used where 4 pieces of glass intersect. To the [...]

CA02 Brickwork Flashings

This is a typical polyester powder coated aluminium flashing section for a glass to brickwork intersection. The aluminium flashing is anchor fixed to the brickwork and as an extra measure between the flashing upstand and the brickwork is a protective sealant which is applied to prevent the possibility of any water ingress at the brick [...]

CA01 Corner Design

The Projecting arm comes from the exact corner intersection of the wall. It then splits into 3 separate arms supporting the corner area. This can be used on corners to avoid the need for a support column at the corner point where projections are not excessive.