R11 Stainless Steel Handrailing Office Development London

Internal Stainless Steel tubular section handrails for a office development in London - all purpose made to fit on site.

R10 Handrail Components

Urban Design offer a wide range of glass balustrading and associated fittings in a variety of materials. Examples here are shown of a variety of available components parts. Please speak to our sales department for your specific requirements.

R09 Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Handrails

Simple but effective CHS stainless steel handrailing sized to suit on site and resin anchor bolt fixed to the existing brickwork.

R08 Metal Grid Panel High Level Security Barrier Railings Superstore Sheffield

Manufactured and installed for a leading UK superstore in Sheffield Urban Design provided high level security mesh infilled railing barriers to a variety of areas. The railings comprised of key clamp style frameworks with integral mesh panel all resin anchor bolted to a concrete frame.

R07 Integral Canopy Metal Railings School Croydon

CHS formed metal railings fixed to brick dwarf walls to provide a safety rail feature between the main entrance feature support culumns. Decorated to match the structure using a metallic heavy duty paint system. All railings were site measured to ensure a exact profile match.

R06 Safety Barrier metal railing to roof areas

Where railings cannot be secured to areas and extra rigid support is required Urban Design can offer the free standing safety rail system shown here. With counterbalance heavy duty dense rubber weights acting as a counterbalance to the main railing this type of protection is widely used on roof areas where drilling into the flat [...]

R05 Heavy Duty Metal Clamp Style staircase Railings

Commonly used as a economical rail barrier is the tube clamp type railing system show here. Available as standard in a galvanised mild steel finish the railings can be fixed in a variety of ways to existing or new build projects.

R04 Vertical Rail Metal Railing to Library London

A series of decorated mild steel box section railings, providing a economical solution to giving a fixed safety barrier along a assortment of ramps and steps to the main front entrance area of a library building. The walkway canopy structure support columns were used as addittional bracing for the railings.

R03 Stainless Steel Metal Wire Railings to Stairway in Offices Huddersfield

Stainless steel handrails with tension wire rods created a attractive and functional staircase railing system for a blue chip clients new offices in Huddersfield. With complex corners and level changes to overcome Urban Design & Developments created a modern, attractive feature under extreme time constraints.

R02 Decorative Metal Wire Profiled Railings for Car Park and Ramp to Supermarket Redcar

Laser profiled supports, anchor fixed into concrete upstands, provided the intermediate frames to which running wire ropes were added. All designed to create a unique nautical theme to a supermarket car park, acting as a safety barrier and wall feature.

R01 Decorative Metal Railings Redcar

Decorated mild steel railings to a car park facility, offering a solid barrier to areas where access is not permitted. .